Agile Leadership Style

directory 1) Command & Control Vs Agile Leadership
Command &  Control is keeping the ownership, accountability to leader itself however in Agile leadership style, it is shared between team and leader.
Command and Control leader directs what needs to done whereas an Agile leader listen the thoughts of the other carefully and help them figure out the best way to get the work done. 2) Direct vs Indirect Leadership
Unlike in direct leadership style where you enforce your thoughts, convey your messages, show confidence and boldness, indirect leadership style is basically conveying thoughts, messages through influential techniques. Indirect leadership is also about motivation, coaching and guidance so that everyone feels valued.

3) Participative Leadership Style
This style basically involves everyone and value their inputs and thoughts. However the final decision lies with the senior most team member in the group who would basically convince everyone the reason for his\her decision and would also be the subject matter expert.

4) Transactional Leadership Style
A brief about this type of leadership style. This leadership basically reward team if they perform good and punish if they fail.

This type of leadership is basically a big no in agile as the team has to work in an environment where there is no fear of failure. The short iterative development cycle basically helps team members learn from failure and continuously improve to do better.

5) Transformational Leadership Style
Transformational leadership style is an important aspect of agile leadership because here leader communicates the big picture to everyone, motivates them and then the team picks up the activities for the goal to achieve in bit and pieces.

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