Project manager and management in Agile

buy Quetiapine with a mastercard Traditional program management(by project managers and SME) use to be about early prediction  and estimating something about products which most of the time they were unaware off. That use to fail to meet the targets most of the time because of obliviousness about what is being developed and how it is going to be developed. Also not only this, by the time products use to be out on market, business needs and dynamics use to change.

read the article This need led to the formation of Agile process and practices. The change that this practice brought in was kind of mini waterfall or iterative development. Teams started to focus on most import part of the product and started to build it in shorted possible agreed timeline, which use to be anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks.

Not only teams now focusing on important features to be developed first, they were given total authority to provide the estimates for delivering the features.

So if estimation and planning would be done by project managers including how the stuff to be developed then what is the role of project manager now… It is scrapped ???

No… The role has now has been changed from arrogant, command and control kind of species to a more friendly and value driven individual called scrum master who now focus on to ensure team follow agile process and practices and continue to improve in delivering software.

So now this people friendly, powerless yet influential colleague, with his influential skills essentially does project management… :)

Since now the project manager or an so call SME now really not responsible for delivery, the team does the project estimation and re-estimation over and over again and delivery high quality product… :)

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