Agile: Transition To Agile Project Manager

buy viagra dubai Transition to Agile Project Manager 1)   No micromanagement of the team. 2)  Don’t ask status of their work, instead help them. 3)  Don’t blame any individuals for failure instead appreciate the learning from failure 4)  Move from command & control individual to servant leader. 5)  Be a good listener and try to understand other’s[…]

Agile Leadership Style

visit the site 1) Command & Control Vs Agile Leadership Command &  Control is keeping the ownership, accountability to leader itself however in Agile leadership style, it is shared between team and leader. Command and Control leader directs what needs to done whereas an Agile leader listen the thoughts of the other carefully and help them figure out the[…]

Backlog:Sprint Backlog Vs Product Backlog

Backlog: Backlog is the stack of user stories that describes the features or technical task or non- functional requirements that needs to be delivered… There are no strict requirements as all the user stories need to be  very detailed, however the features or technical task that need to delivered soon should be having more details or[…]