Restore Nuget using Powerful Powershell

read the article #script to restore the pacakge [cmdletBinding()] param ( [parameter(Mandatory = $true)] $Solutions, #relative to bamboo working directory [parameter(Mandatory = $true)] $BuildWorkingDirectory, [parameter(Mandatory = $true)] $NugetPackage ) $SlnList = $Solutions -split “;” $NugetPackage = Join-Path $BuildWorkingDirectory $NugetPackage foreach($Sln in $SlnList) { $sln = Join-Path $BuildWorkingDirectory $sln Write-Host “$sln” Write-Host “$NugetPackage” if(Test-Path $Sln) { try { Write-Host[…]

Xcopy Command Line With Error Handling #Move wiqserver.exe and wiqserver.exe.config file to TaskExecutable Folder inside bin. [cmdletBinding()] param ( [parameter(Mandatory =$true)] [ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()] $Source, [parameter(Mandatory =$true)] [ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()] $Dest, [parameter(Mandatory =$true)] [ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()] $FileList ) if (!(Test-Path $Source)) { throw “Source doesn’t exist” } if (!(Test-path $Dest)) { mkdir $Dest } write-output “The file list passed as argument is ” $FileList if(($FileList -eq $null)[…]

GIT: GIT Garbage Collection Refspecs & Reflog

GIT Garbage Collection For large repositories, GIT will periodically perform a garbage collection to remove any unnecessary objects and compress refs(pointer to commits in GIT) into a single file for more efficient performance. So the ref in .git\refs\branches will be moved a single file (i.e packaged-refs) after the command. BTW… Git maintains information regarding the[…]

Braching Mechanism: GIT VS TFS

Workflows in GIT Centralized Workflow Work on only one branch called master and have your local master repository to commit in isolated environment and then merge to central server.Good for small teams working with not much requirement of code sharing.  Hard to maintain code stability on the master branch. Create a bare repository in stash.[…]