GIT: GIT Garbage Collection Refspecs & Reflog

buy Lamictal GIT Garbage Collection For large repositories, GIT will periodically perform a garbage collection to remove any unnecessary objects and compress refs(pointer to commits in GIT) into a single file for more efficient performance. So the ref in .git\refs\branches will be moved a single file (i.e packaged-refs) after the command. BTW… Git maintains information regarding the[…]

GIt: Watches and Network Explored(Stash) Watches: Watches are like notification or hook which notify the team members about an event that has taken place. Like a feature branch is merged, a check-in or commit has happen to any branch, etc. Network: Network gives good pictorial representation of how branch has evolved.. At what time a merged happened to it…At what[…]

GIT: Difference between Pull Fetch Clone and checkout

1)      Git Pull: It will pull the file from the remote branch and merge(by default) with local branch sources. You could also provide the –rebase option to do rebase after fetching the sources. Git checkout “localbranch” Git pull –rebase origin master   2)      Git Fetch: It will fetch the sources from the remote branch and[…]