GIT: Difference between Pull Fetch Clone and checkout

1)      Git Pull: It will pull the file from the remote branch and merge(by default) with local branch sources. You could also provide the –rebase option to do rebase after fetching the sources. Git checkout “localbranch” Git pull –rebase origin master   2)      Git Fetch: It will fetch the sources from the remote branch and[…]

VsTestRunner Execution(Unit Test) execution using Powershell

#Test Execution [cmdletBinding()] param ( [parameter(Mandatory = $true)] $TestDir, #relative to bamboo working directory [parameter(Mandatory = $true)] $VstestConRunner, [parameter(Mandatory = $true)] $TestPattern, [parameter(Mandatory = $true)] $Logger, [parameter(Mandatory = $false)] $RunSettingFile ) <#$OutDir = “C:\BambooBld\SVE-SVC-JOB1\bin” $TestPattern = “*.DS.ServiceEdge.SPS.REST.Tests*.dll” $VstestConRunner = “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\Tools\..\IDE\CommonExtensions\Microsoft\TestWindow\vstest.console.exe” $Logger = “trx” $RunSettingFile = “C:\Soft\SVE.runsettings” $TestAssList = $null $TestAssList[…]

Restore Nuget Packages Using Powershell

#script to restore the pacakge [cmdletBinding()] param ( [parameter(Mandatory = $true)] $Solutions, #relative to bamboo working directory [parameter(Mandatory = $true)] $BuildWorkingDirectory, [parameter(Mandatory = $true)] $NugetPackage ) $SlnList = $Solutions -split “;” $NugetPackage = Join-Path $BuildWorkingDirectory $NugetPackage foreach($Sln in $SlnList) { $sln = Join-Path $BuildWorkingDirectory $sln Write-Host “$sln” Write-Host “$NugetPackage” if(Test-Path $Sln) { try { Write-Host[…]

Generate Artifacts Using Powershell CommandLine

[cmdletBinding()] param ( [parameter(Mandatory = $true)] [string]$artifactList, [parameter(Mandatory = $false)] [string]$OutDir ) if (-not (test-path “$env:ProgramFiles\7-zip\7z.exe”)) { write-host ” $env:ProgramFiles\7-zip\7z.exe is needed ” } set-alias sz “$env:ProgramFiles\7-zip\7z.exe” $artifactzipList = $artifactList -split “;” $artifactzipList foreach ($artifact in $artifactzipList) { $artifactDic = $artifact -split “:” $artifactLoc = Join-Path $OutDir $artifactDic[0] write-host “$artifactLoc” $artifactName = $artifactDic[1] write-host “$artifactName”[…]