TFS: What is WebDeploy ??

source link Web Deploy?? Web Deploy is a Microsoft open source application packaging and deployment framework build using MSBuild scripting. MSDeploy framework would do Web.Config regex and application package generation. Application package would be generated as a zipped file having all the deployable artifacts. Presence of projectname.wpp.targets, file in the same folder where “” project lies would[…]

TFS: Web Deploy: Build Once and Deploy To Many Environments

how much is finast to buy It is certainly true that web deploy creates an application package with the required files for any application to work. However it doesn’t keep a web.config file that can be tweaked depending on the environment the files are getting deployed. Also this use case doesn’t consider specific files per environment. That use case can be[…]

TFS Administration

After rolling out complete application lifecycle provided by visual studio ALM for one of the businesses dealing with car registration in USA, i have noticed very few days i had to spend on TFS application tier and data tier administration in span of over 4 years. This is w.r.t visual studio alm 2012 and above. Part of[…]

Test execution failure when code coverage enabled in VSTest.Console.exe (micrsoft.qualitytools.testing.fakes.unittest….)

A while ago i came across an issue where unit test cases written on shims framework use to fail with below exception This use to happen once we enable code coverage profiling. The unit testing tool that we were using was vstest.console.exe… The interesting part of this issue was when we use to run the test[…]