Data Compress Techniques Deflate Compress Technique

It is plain compress of data without any information like filenames, lengths, etc..

can you buy Keppra over the counter in the uk Gzip Compress Technique

Gzip is kind of rapper around Deflate compression algorithm that provides information such as filenames, length, etc. as header and hence more reliable.

How to implement in web applications (specifically .net based)

The <httpCompression> element specifies the compress element in web.config…  The compress of data to reduce the data transfer from server to client can be achieved through setting in web.config.

<httpCompression directory=Where compress needs to be done>

<scheme = location where gzip.dll can be found>

There are two type of compress types..

  1. Static compression where file type doesn’t change frequently… like txt, ppt, pdf, etc… This is done once.. if the next request comes for the same file then compress file is send…
  2. Dynamic compression techniques where files types changes like pages… Both above types has setting to ensure compress is done when CPU usage is low or disabled when cpu usage is high…

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