Difference Between GIT and TFS

buy Pregabalin cheap uk Here is the interesting facts about the two version controls systems.

  • The way they manages files system changes

buy generic ciprodex What is Git and How it is different than other version control systems essentially

  • The way they do merge between branches

    In TFS it is direct merge between the branches(the files between the branches) on the server, however in GIT it is bit different.

Git: difference between Merge and Rebase

  • The way they both does check-in to source control

    In TFS you check out a file on the central server, modify on local machine and then check-in. If any conflict occurs while you check-in, you fix it and then do the checkin

GIT: Difference between Pull Fetch Clone and checkout

  • The way they both structure the content in the source control. Repository vs collection/Team project

  In TFS, we have everything inside the collection\Team-Project. we have capability to merge the code between    the folder in the team project.

  In git everything is kept inside a repository, which is nothing but the atomic unit that can’t be split further. It has its own branches.  We can’t merge code between the repositories.

  • The way they revert the changes in source control. Reset vs Revert

    In TFS we have the rollback the changeset from TFS and it will create a new changeset in source control. In Git we have similar feature however with some additional capabilities.

GIT: Reset and Revert Explored

  • The way they handle renaming of the files in the source control system.

    In TFS we rename the file in the local machine and check-in to source control.  In git it is handled bit differently.

Renaming a File: GIT VS TFS

  • The way they propose branching strategy

Braching Mechanism: GIT VS TFS

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