GIT TFS: TAG Vs Labelling

Any version control that we see, got to have code snapshoting in place to achieve code tractability.  In TFS it is the by the way of Labelling we do code snapshotting and in GIT we do it via tagging.

over at this website In TFS:

TF Label “LabelName” Itemspec(location in source control)

read this article In GIT:

There are two types of tags are available, lightweight and annotated

Lightweight tags are just like branches with no metadata information like author, date, tag message, etc. Only commit check-sum is stored in it.

Annotated tags have above metadata information.

Git tag –a 1.4 –m “my tag for version 1.4 is created”

Git tag –a 1.4 –m “my tag for version 1.4 is created”

Git tag can also be created with Git commit checksum.

Git tag –a version1.4 aee9 –m “this is the test for creating tags with Git checksum”

One can push the tag to remote repository and for sharing with other team members

Also once checkout a tag and create a branch out of tag.


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