Jfrog command line utility for uploading and downloading the artifacts

http://ergasap.com/home/alpharetta-ga-3/ It is mostly likely that you would come across a situation where you would like to push the artifact to an artifactory location…Below is the command line… It basically use a windows utility jfrog.exe to do the same. However there are others utility for linux and Mac as well…

official website u: it is an abbreviation for upload

First is the file to upload

Second argument is the folder path

Third argument is the url

Forth argument is the user

Fifth argument is the password

“C:\Soft\jfrog.exe” rt u “C:\test\UnitTest.trx” libs-release-local/com/xxx/xxxx/xxx-xxx-278/ –url=http://artifactory.xxx.com/artifactory –user=xxxx –password=xxxx

Similarly use below link to carry out other operations using command line




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