Migration of Tfs Source Code using History to Git(Stash, Bitbucket) Using Powershell

#clone the TFS repository to a folder which you would like to keep for pushing to stash[Ensure Deep is mentioned to get the whole history]


C:\TFSGITMigration\xxx>”C:\Git-TF\git-tf-\git-tf” clone http://TFSURL:8080/tfs $/CVR-TFSPROD/CT_MAIN –deep


#remove the *.vssscc

Get-ChildItem ‘C:\Sxxx\Trunk’ -Include *.vssscc -Recurse | foreach($_) { Remove-Item $_.FullName -WhatIf}


#remove the *.vspscc

Get-ChildItem ‘C:\XXX\DEVELOPMENT’ -Include *.vspscc -Recurse | foreach($_) { Remove-Item $_.FullName -WhatIf}


#this will give the list of sln files

PS C:\CAB> Get-ChildItem ‘C:\XXX\DEVELOPMENT’ -Include *.sln -Recurse | foreach($_) { $_.FullName}


purchase finasteride uk #remove the source control bindings from the solution files.

Get-ChildItem ‘C:\XXX\DEVELOPMENT’ -Include *.sln -Recurse | foreach($_) { C:\Software\ReplaceSourceControlBinding.ps1 -SolutionFile $_.FullName } > C:\log.log

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#Manually create a repository under the project key CVRCAT with name cvr-core to upload the files in stash


Git add .

Git commit –a –m “removed unwanted files related to TFS souce control”


#this adds a remote repository


git remote add originprod http://TESTURL:7990/scm/cvrcat/cvr-core.git

or use below naming convention for remote shortform



git push originprod master or development



To continue with the development on TFS branch…


Execute the command line in cmd

“E:\Software\git-tf-\git-tf” pull  –deep –rebase [It will pull the changeset and merge it, however revert the changes you have done in your local repository]


Also check if rebase stopped in between due to conflict in file

Remote the conflict manually

Git add “File name whole path”

Git commit –m “remove the source control binding”[basically you need to commit the files again due to rebase]

Git rebase  –continue.


Git push originprod master


To reset the head by one.


First be on master

git reset –hard HEAD~1 [It will reset the head by one]


git push originlab(prod) master –force [force is necessary to force the upload to stash]


If for some reason stash failed and we need to move back to TFS, by moving the stash changes back to TFS… Below is the command line..


“E:\TFS-GIT\git-tf-\git-tf” checkin –bypass(for bypassing gated builds)



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